The Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy: How to Prepare for the Future

Bill Hitchcock November 2, 2012 0
The Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy: How to Prepare for the Future

Hurricane Sandy. The following includes information regarding damage control immediately following Hurricane Sandy. Erik Braunitzer is a writer for Douglas Elliman, brokers for NYC, Long Island and Westchester Hamptons Real Estate.

How to Recover from Hurricane Sandy

The recent devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy has prompted many New Yorkers and New Jersey residents to revisit hurricane preparedness to protect apartments and condos. We at Douglas Elliman compiled a few recovery procedures and recommendations for people in the area.

Hurricane Sandy was one of the worst storms in the past 100 years. Residents needed to be prepared to evacuate if necessary. Here are a few tips to help you recover from the storm:

Gather All The Facts

Hurricane Sandy damage condoThere are numerous reports of Hurricane Sandy damage being submitted to the media and on social media forums such as Facebook and Twitter. When you determine how much damage was done to your neighborhood and surrounding areas, you can make sound decisions. Decisions such as when to return home or how to recover from the damage can be made with the proper information. 

When the “all clear” alarm is sounded, you can return home, and the assessment of damage can be made personally. Most people are surprised by the damage a hurricane can cause. To avoid surprises when you return home, read all the information possible about your neighborhood and area to determine what you are up against. Then, you can prepare for recovery.

Hurricane Sandy Recovery

Wait For Government Clearance

Experts advise getting government clearance before returning to your home. After the storm has passed, there may be risk of electric shock from power lines. There could also be fire risk in your area.

After the storm is over, contact your building manager or landlord to determine if your building is safe enough to enter. If you live in a house, and you know someone that stayed during the storm, try contacting a neighbor to find out about the damage near your home. This will help you prepare before entering the neighborhood.

 Hurricane Sandy: Look For Water Damage

 Hurricane Sandy flooded the streets of New York and New Jersey. Water damage is never good because it produces molds and mildews. Molds and mildews are dangerous to your health. Most items that are damaged in a flood must be discarded if the items cannot be placed in dryer.

 Hurricane Sandy: Consider Purchasing Insurance

If you have homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, pictures should be taken immediately. Pictures give you a better opportunity to get their claim addressed first by the insurance company. The provider should be contacted immediately to ensure they are aware of the situation. If the insurance company has all the pertinent information, your claim can be processed faster. The faster you get your claim processed the better.

 Hurricane Sandy: Always Be Prepared

Do not forget the work that is required of you after a storm. Although you may be bewildered and mentally defeated, do not allow that to deter you from moving forward. After your supplies are depleted from a storm, consider restocking to prepare for the next disaster. This will ensure that you are prepared for the next storm.

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