Hillary Clinton Stern Comments to Egypt and Syria

Bill Hitchcock December 6, 2012 1
Hillary Clinton Stern Comments to Egypt and Syria

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  1. Elizandro August 24, 2014 at 4:54 PM - Reply

    Obama should be cool to be a one tmerer, but Hillary has made it clear the chances of her running are below zero. Oddly enough, he is on to something. The best thing Obama could do right now is to announce he will not stand for re-election. The democrats would swiftly draft Hillary and might have a fighting chance in this election by pulling in the women’s vote and maybe earning back the independents that Obama has clearly lost. Obama can leave this crappy job (which he’s not that good at) and go make millions (way more than Palin)and chill on the beach with Michelle and the girls and tell the rest of the world to pound sand, not my problem anymore. The Dems could bring Hillary in and maybe get back to more pragmatic hard nosed policy making that brings the center back.Thats probably the best thing that could happen right now for Obama and the Dems. Why? Because even if Obama manages to squeeze it out against Romney (take note: I predict Romney will be the GOP nominee), the democratic down ticket is going to get hammered. In the state legislatures,in the house and the senate. Obama is tacking to his base now that he has lost the center, but it may be too little too late.Whether Obama wins or loses in 2012, for the Dems its lose lose. The question is whether they want to lose big, or really big.

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