MSNBC Anchor Threatens Romney Son With Violence

Bill Hitchcock October 20, 2012 5
MSNBC Anchor Threatens Romney Son With Violence


  1. josh October 20, 2012 at 6:47 AM - Reply

    This is how adults are supposed to act? Kids sitting down with their parents watching the news and this is what they see an adult doing. He tries to look cool and ask someone to fight him, i personally think he looks childish and ignorant. When did news turn this way?

  2. Leah October 20, 2012 at 9:03 AM - Reply

    These bully tactics work with some union folks I suppose but seeing this for the first time today ( I refuse to watch MSNBC because they aren’t newsworthy) like most of America, I’m once again reminded why I never watch their programming unless it’s directly after one of the debates or some gaffe or policy decision that I want to get the liberal argument.

    Liberals are angry and have been angry since Bill Clinton let them down 15 years ago. They will disagree that they were disappointed but they went underground with their displeasure and rallied support for Senate and Congressional seats. I have to say it was a pretty smart move. They accomplished the goal of moving America toward a socialistic (they prefer “centralized”) government. I prefer to call a spade a spade.

    Like Josh, I find this sophomoric but for liberals it’s effective. Socializing healthcare against the wishes of the American people and in violation of the first amendment rights of the Catholic Church drew criticism from moderates and certainly from pure capitalists.

    Threatening physical violence is not a new strategy. Remember the Black Panthers outside voting stations? Since the crackdown on Acorn we see PAC signs set up as reminders that it is a punishable crime to defraud the election process.

    Liberals threaten and violate the legal system, conservatives push back using punishment of the law. Liberals see it as an action of civil disobedience.

    If the judicial and legislative process continues to morph, it will not be long before Constitutionality of law will not be on the table any longer and that is something I fear.

    I think we saw from the “Tea Party” that moderates view the Constitution as the basis for governing. What happens if they begin looking at the tactics of liberals like “Occupiers” and decide the only way to favorably change the status quo is to begin to adopt the same tactics and call it ‘civil disobedience?”

    Scott Rasmussen did a poll showing that Tea Party still has a negative connotation. I wonder if he asked which was viewed less desirable, Tea Party or Occupier, what the results would be.

  3. Joey October 20, 2012 at 9:50 AM - Reply

    Hey Lawrence,
    I always thought you liberals were gutless cowards NOW I know it. Liberlas cry tolerance and this is what is truly in the heart, Out of the mouth proceeds what is inside. Calm down take a breath. Count to ten. Guess you don’t realize you may get a visit from the Secret Service throwing out threats to the next First Family. I’ ll wait for your on air apology. NO, wait, I don’t watch you so I will have to wait for a sound bite from a legitimate news source like Live & Local.

  4. Peter Perrotta October 21, 2012 at 7:38 AM - Reply

    why is he still working for them?

  5. Dorothy Billings February 5, 2015 at 10:24 PM - Reply

    Thank you for having Phyllis Bennis on your show, and for giving a fair hearing to Moslems. I would like to hear what I have heard only once (and we are glued to MSNBC several hours a day): ISIS says they are killing and buring to pay back the West and Others for killing, burning, destroying their people. That makes sense: 100,000 people died in Iraq due to the sanctions and our invasion. Now we are killing more with drones. Are they just supposed to take it and apologize for something?

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