Obama Bows To Muslim Demands About Video

Bill Hitchcock September 15, 2012 2
Obama Bows To Muslim Demands About Video


  1. randall griesenbeck September 15, 2012 at 8:38 AM - Reply

    if i was to make comments toward a mormon yes a mormon would defend. it was within consitutional rights for the man in colarodo to own all those guns that he murdered innocent people with. but we now speak of gun control. i dont really care who the prisident is because we the people really dont have much say eighter way who wins . but i will stand by obamas choice to band this video . because its not all about the us and our rights in this case. our constitution does not stand firm for other nations and goverments. to survive as a world in peace we must learn to be at peace with each others diffrences to become a whole world in peace,we have to stop poking others in the eye because they see things diffrent than you . and i assure you there is just as many CRAZIES in christianty, how many times have we seen extortion cases ,sexual abuse adult and child ,and pure intemidation tatics aint that what we call terrious. decrimination of religion is also a violation of our constitution. i say obama understands a tender situation and acted bravely and wisely in such a very very sinsitive situation and romney sould stand for the well being and safty of our nation not for campine ROMNEY ALL ME IS YOU WOULD SELL OUT OUR FAIMLYS SECURITY AND SAFTY FOR THE FINACAL SECURITY OF YOURSELF.SCREW THE CONSTITUTION IF IT MAY HURT MY FAIMLY OUR OTHERS TO FOLLOW IT . I STAND AND CLAP WITH A TEAR IN MY EYE THAT WE HAVE A LEADER WITH BOLDNESS THE SAME CORAGE THAT WASHINGTON HAD JEFFERSON HAD THE VERY THING THAT MAKES A LEADER IS THE STRENGTH SAY STAND WHAT IS RIGHT FOR THE PEOPLE AND THERE BETTERMENT

  2. Tom November 5, 2012 at 8:02 PM - Reply

    Randall, you are so full of crap just like the president you’re clapping for. Courage and boldness? Give me a brake man!!!!! What kind of leader is he???

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