US Seafood Catch Up 23 Percent to 17 Year High

Bill Hitchcock September 20, 2012 0
US Seafood Catch Up 23 Percent to 17 Year High

The stock status of most fisheries have greatly rebuilt. A report by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) shows that commercial fishermen landed 10.1 billion pounds of fish and shellfish valued at $5.3 Billion an all time high price.

Year over year comparisons shows a 23 percent increase in landings. Deputy assistant administrator for NOAA’s Fisheries Service Sam Rauch said this is evidence the fish populations are rebuilding. All nine NOAA fishing regions saw the volume and value of their catches go up.

“Overall nationally, the numbers are very good news,” Rauch said.

While the seafood catch increased, the per-person consumption of it dropped. US citizens ate on average 15 pounds of seafood during the year down from 15.8 pounds the year before.

Most disturbing news from the report is the ever increasing amount of foreign imported seafood. Imports rose from 86% to 91% of all seafood consumed in the United States. Foreign imported seafood does not necessarily adhere to the strict safety and sanitation standards of the US. Less than 1%-2% of all imported seafood is ever inspected for freshness, cleanliness or health concerns.

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