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Jeff Dunham is a world famous comedian and ventriloquist. One of his mainstay characters is Walter an old “curmudgeon” that says whatever to whomever. Walter and Vice President Joe Biden are very similar. What comes out of both of their mouths is usually quite unexpected and very funny. The only difference is that Walter is aware of what he says.

Similarities between Walter and Vice President Joe Biden

1)      Both make me laugh

2)      Both are kept in the dark and brought out in public for paying events

3)      Both are as stiff as wood

4)      Jeff Dunham has a Jalapeno on a stick. Biden thinks Obama has a big stick

Biden Says “President Obama Has a Big Stick” During NYU Speech

5)      Both want to be President

Walter for President

6)      Both can insult someone without even trying.

Joe Biden Tells Chuck Graham to Stand Up

But there is one big difference between Walter and Vice President Biden. Walter has become a successful enterprise that generates income and jobs. Walter gives millions of people laughter and joy. Folks come from all around the world to see Walter.

Vice president Biden tells jokes for free and usually leaves his audience and constituents feeling awkward if not embarrassed.

Joe Bidden gaffes

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