Washington Was Burying Head Supplying Excuses

Bill Hitchcock September 16, 2012 0
Washington Was Burying Head Supplying Excuses

“We knew what was happening, but the Americans preferred to find excuses,” says a senior Israeli official over the recent attacks in the Middle East.

”Washington was burying its head in the sand and ignoring the increasing radicalization in states such as Tunisia and Egypt,” comments continued.

It is very disturbing to hear what President Barrack Obama says about the brutal murders and attacks at US Embassies in the Middle East, North Africa and in the region. It becomes extremely disturbing to watch his no-action strategy. It is infuriating to learn from foreign countries that we were being warned far in advance of the attacks and Obama and his administration chose to do nothing.

The Israeli news agency “Haaretz” reports that,“The Obama administration, which since the beginning of the Arab Spring has aided, directly or indirectly, the forces that brought down the dictatorial regimes in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen and Lybia, now finds itself in a position of helplessness.

“The Americans were constantly trying to supply explanations and excuses for events in the post-revolution Arab states, and simply ignored the problems,” one senior Israeli official said, adding, “In practice the administration’s ability to affect events in the Arab world has decreased immensely.”

Clear indications of trouble were seen in advance. Tunisian ambassadors from a multitude of countries unexplainably left there host countries to return to Tunisia immediately before the attacks started. Sudan is refusing US Marines entry to protect our embassy.

For a very poignant report on the situation go to Haaretz

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